Saturday, September 18, 2004


-I saw a band called Saturday Looks Good to Me that wasn't especially good. There's a good guitarist who is a very bad vocalist. While the female lead singer was cute and had shiny black hair close to her eyes, which promised something Yeah Yeah Yeahsy, she didn't have the Karen O supersquealysexy thing going on, or any other attitude that would make it cool.

-At the bar, I met an undergrad who had taken a class in the Michigan philosophy department, and he could say some basic things about Hume, like when he was alive and what some of his basic ideas were! He even knew some basic stuff about G.E. Moore and some of the H20/Water Putnam cases. He even seemed to share my intuition about the Putnam case -- water could still be multiply realizable, if XYZ actually exists! I hope my students come out of school with this kind of ability. He's going into urban planning and I wish him well.

-I need to relearn my favorite song, "Oro Se Do Bheatha Bhaile." I sang a lot of it to Dustin on the way back from the bar, but I forgot the last verse. Must listen to the Clancy Brothers recording of it a few more times.

-I smiled at a hot girl briefly, and she smiled back. You've got to start somewhere.

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David Killoren said...

I like the Sinead O'Connor version of that song.