Friday, June 17, 2005

Weekend at Ezra's

Looks like I'm going to be Ezra's werewolf this weekend! Last time went really well, and I'm looking forward to doing this again. No more posts here today, but you'll know where to find me tomorrow.

[Update]: My work is done! And here it is:

Torturing Straw Men: Republicans confuse the torture debate by not mentioning the actual torture.
Big Bird's Values Are My Values: Family-friendly Democrats should get behind PBS and Family Choice Cable.
Don't Kick the Donkey: When moderate Democrats attack liberals, they actually give the party a left-wing reputation.
Gird Your Loins: Focusing on Bush's non-planning for Iraqi reconstruction will make sure that blame is properly placed.
Things Happen in Gitmo: Silly Republicans! This T-shirt does not help you!
Elizabeth Anderson Will Set You Free: Traffic laws show why libertarians are wrong about freedom. Liz is awesome.

While I'm linking to stuff, let me direct you to a short Laura Rozen post on how the incompetence of John Bolton prevents America from getting anything done.

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