Saturday, July 29, 2006

American Jews: Intelligent and Admirable People

It's up at the Ezra blog, with a picture from happier times. I won't post it here, because the opening quasi-joke makes it better for you to read it there.


Rousseau said...

Something I've wondering for a while is, that thing about the Christian right supports Israel because they want Armageddon to happen: is it true? Does it accurately describe enough of the populace or leaders to affect policy?

I mean we both know there are liberal extremists out there. And whenever the media and Republicans only quotes really crazy lefties or Democratic Underground commenters or others I've never heard of, it infuriates me. I'd hate to be accused of doing the same to the right, and I really can't imagine anyone sensible holding that worldview.

Especially since it seems quite explanatory that it's just some overmasculine posturing and the desire to instigate war anywhere, that is the drive behind the theocons here.

Richard Tenorio said...

Sometimes the truth can be unfamiliar, especially if you've never read a Left Behind novel.