Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Religious Left

I was happy to see this article, mostly for the sake of seeing the media notice these people. If we could somehow watch the media narrative expressed here become dominant -- the religious left is on the rise, challenging the religious right! -- I'd be a very happy man.


Rousseau said...

Such articles have been around for a while, and always made me happy. Till I read Slacktivist's response

RTWT. It's short.

I ponder whether actually the media narrative DOES want to trumpet a religious left - rather more than a religious left actually exists (politically speaking at least).

I have more experience with leftist churches than conservative churches, but my guess is that this is much like the issue of liberal charity and foundations: the left wing agents spend their money and influence to actually better the world, while the right wing agents spend their money and influence to elect people.

If so, yey left.

Neil Sinhababu said...

Yeah, that was discouraging. What I really want is for this to penetrate the media narrative more deeply, so that you see more talk of the religious left in articles not especially focused on it. Like, "President Edwards' antipoverty bill has attracted strong support from major figures on the religious left, like Sen. Jones and Sen. Smith." But if Slacktivist is right, we're not really building towards that.

Neil Sinhababu said...

It should be said here that off-topic comments may be deleted without warning. If you want to talk about abortion all the time, start your own blog, and begone from this one.

play_jurist said...

Personally, I'd like the collapse of the religious right to result in a more evidence-based political culture more so than in an ascendency of left religionists.

Anonymous said...

"Religion is the science of our happy relationship with, and dependence upon God and our Neighbor."

-Fr. Solonus Casey