Friday, July 01, 2005

Greetings and salutations

Hi there. This is Neil’s kid sister. I’d like to make it clear to both of the remaining readers that I am not all that informed, insightful, or bright for my age. These adjectives and phrases could be truthfully heaped onto my brother, and most of the things he writes. Unfortunately, their applicability doesn’t run in the family.

I can’t promise you’ll like my writing, since it lacks all the qualities you’ve come to expect from this blog. I can assure you, however, that although I am a 16 year-old girl in brain and body, I will do my best not to post like one. Having observed the things some of my otherwise sane friends have coughed up in “El-jay”-form, I give you my solemn promise to refrain from posting any hazardous adolescent material, including, but not limited to the following:



-song lyrics

-intentionally incorrect spelling or grammar

-the following abbreviations: jk, ttyl, omg, lol, rofl, roflwtime, roflwtixzcviq (one of those is made-up)

-the words “nobody understands me”

-AIM conversations/away messages

-provocative rants that I don’t really believe in to start flame wars for my own amusement


-quiz results from

-shout-outs to my peeps, bitches, homeys, hos, playas, pimps, gangstas, pranksters, skanksters, etc.

-cryptic one-sentence posts

-pictures of my feet

-pictures of my shadow

-pictures of other people taking pictures

-any of my poetry

-anything resembling poetry

I think that about covers it. Now I’d better get to work uploading a Linkin Park background and adding the Xangas of everyone I know under the links section. Later.


Anonymous said...

You've already amused me (for one) with your list of forbidden topics, so relax and don't get too self-conscious :^).

You aren't Robin Sinhababu of, are you? Is he Neil's younger brother, or am I confused, or what?

Neil's Kid Sister said...

Thanks a lot. My name is Supriya (Neil's sister) and Robin is our brother. Sorry about the confusion caused by Robin's girly name. And yes, I'm actually sorry, as I will probably pay for that last sentence.

Anonymous said...

I object to the description of "Robin" as a girly name. It is the name of Batman's trusty and faithful sidekick. The one in the bright red tights and short-shorts.

Anonymous said...

I feel silly now. I just saw Neil's post below explaining the whole Supriya/Robin distinction. I need to learn how to scroll down a bit before posting :^). Ah well.

Glad to see you beat out Mark Schmitt and Kevin Drum for the spot.

Neil's Kid Sister said...

omg fafnir!!!!!!!111 Sorry, I know I just broke a bunch of my own rules, but that faf just makes a young girl's heart flutter so! What a dreamboat, that guy.

Neil Sinhababu said...

How can you be a proper liberal blog without lots of angst?

Neil Sinhababu said...

That last post was not actually me, but someone who used a computer after I did. I shall delete it soon.