Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The other stuff I posted last weekend

Between getting in fights with other bloggers and traveling to DC, I didn't get around to crossposting stuff this weekend. So here's what I have for you at Ezra's blog:

If You Can't Find a Donkey, Ride the DINO - Sometimes which party a Congresscritter belongs to is more important than what they actually think. Majorities are really strong.
Cantwell: Not So Bad - Maria Cantwell, who was being dissed for some genuinely bad votes, isn't as awful as jedmunds would have you believe.
Who Was David and Who Was Goliath - I link to some excellent quotes about Israel and Palestine that Laura Turner found.
Don't Invest In These Internet Scams - Here's the post about Jerome Armstrong's stock-touting scandals. The 70 comments that follow include Armando from Daily Kos going completely bonkers on me. Later, Ezra would back me up.

There probably won't be any more posting, here or at Ezra's blog, until July 6 when I return to Austin. Until then I'll be hanging out with all sorts of exciting folks in DC.

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Cernig said...

Hi Neil,

Good News!

Russ Fiengold gave the best answer to the "damn question" I could have hoped for. (ref - comments to your "If you cant ride a donkey.." post.)

Maybe now some liberal bloggers will see it isn't Betraying The Party to actually ask the question of other prospective Dem leaders.


Regards, Cernig @ Newshog