Wednesday, September 19, 2012

10 obols (pbk), ISBN 000000000001

On the right-hand side of the NDPR "Recent Reviews" page, there are images of the oldest known manuscript of the Republic, Augustine's Confessions, Descartes' Meditations, and Hegel's Phenomenology. I clicked to see if they had posted reviews by Glaucon or Princess Elisabeth or Schopenhauer or someone, but apparently the images are just there for decoration. I should've known; NDPR gets reviews up a lot quicker than that.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Planning world tour 2013

I'm on research leave in the first half of 2013, thanks to my department head's generosity in letting me teach extra classes in some semesters in exchange for time off in others.  The plan is to go on another huge talk tour like I did back in 2011, when I ended up giving 51 talks.  I got awesome feedback on papers, met lots of interesting philosophers, and in general had a great time.  So I'm eager to do it again!

The big project will be defending desire-belief accounts of motivation and the phenomenology of deliberation.  That's the side of my work that's gotten the best reception (the Nous and Phil Review papers are on that).  It may be time to turn it into a book, laying out the view, dealing with all the proposed counterexamples to the view one after the other, and drawing out the consequences for moral theory.  I'll also be doing some moral epistemology, and a maybe a Nietzsche paper or two.

The basic plan is to be in the warmer part the US from January through March, and take off from the Northeast to the UK sometime in April.  Then in late May I'll go to Australia and stick around for the AAP.  If you're up for having me make a stop at your department, send me an email!