Saturday, January 13, 2007

Norms! Norms! Norms!

I think my friends up at the University of Michigan would like this.

Speaking of which, I'm going to be seeing them soon! Here's my travel schedule for the end of January and the beginning of February:

January 25-29: Cambridge, MA
January 29-31: Ann Arbor, MI
February 1-4: Bowling Green, OH
-Possible trip to Chicago to visit my sister, Supriya Sinhababu-
February 4-15: Ann Arbor, MI

Then I return to Texas, where we're doing a Nietzsche conference and I'm commenting on a paper.


Matt said...

So, are these job talk travels? Is so, congrats as it looks pretty damned good.

Neil Sinhababu said...

Oh, no... I'm not that lucky. Though I am happy with what I've got :-)

Matt said...

Well, congratulations anyway, and best wishes w/ the job talks.

heebie-geebie said...

Hey, I went to UofM too. Class of '99.

philgoblue said...

Neil, did you know I grew up in Bowling Green and went to school at UofM?

Are you on the philgoblue life tour?

We should see if we can meet during the long Feb visit to A2!

Anonymous said...


Didn't Nietzsche go crazy and die of VD? Weren't his ideas a foundational element of Nazi policies? So what are you saying about him? Are you promoting Nietzshe's ideas as the center- post of the Edwards campaign?