Monday, May 14, 2007

Pretty Pretty Polls

I've posted some nice state-by-state polls showing how Clinton, Edwards, and Obama stack up against Giuliani. Edwards dominates the Midwestern swing states that decide presidential elections. The post got linked at a lot of sites including Buzzflash and Memeorandum, and Matt Yglesias did the favor of commenting on it (though he was dubious.)

I've also got a nice post on hedge funds and why you shouldn't be scared of them.


RW said...

Let me tell you whats freakin horrifying about these polls, and the only decent argument for nominating Hillary:
She's the only one that beats Giuliani in New York. I dont care how much traction Edwards and Obama get in the swing states, or even large swaths of the south, if we can't hold NY, we are stone cold cooked.

Neil Sinhababu said...

Well, I think the flipping scenario is more likely. But if we lose Giuliani's home state while making it up in the states where he's cursed as a damned Yankee, we still win the election.