Thursday, November 18, 2004

Help me maximize utility

With fellowship checks coming in, a cheap ($325/mo!) apartment, and some quick stock market gains, it's time for me to start making significant charitable contributions. The top candidate for my money right now is Doctors Without Borders. If anyone knows of a charity that would be more effective in cranking out the hedons, please do tell. And yes, I am approaching this in the classic hedonic utilitarian way: I'm looking for the option that allows me to generate the most pleasure or prevent the most suffering.

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Lindsay Beyerstein said...

As a utilitarian, I recommend Oxfam. On a pure utiles/$/number of persons, you can't go wrong supporting preventative health care, clean water, and community economic development.

Doctors Without Borders would be my first Rawlsian pick, since they are clearly helping the worst off.