Sunday, September 05, 2004

The Instapundit Fun Page!

Glenn Reynolds quoted Matt Yglesias as saying "The situation, clearly, can only be resolved by Russian concessions on the underlying political issue in Chechnya." He mocked Matt's for trying to accommodate terrorism, leaving off the next two sentences which dramatically qualify Matt's claim: "At the same time, in the wake of this sort of outrage there will not only be no mood for concessions, but an amply justified fear that such concessions would only encourage further attacks and a further escalation of demands. I don't see any way out for Russian policymakers nor any particularly good options for US policymakers." Matt was trying to point out the things that make the situation so tricky, and Glenn faulted Matt for ignoring one of the things he was actually trying to point out.

Glenn stands by what he wrote, saying that his quoting was merely "done via cut-and-paste." What do you get when you quote Glenn the same way? Let's see...

Glenn's disappointment with the GOP Convention!
"I'm just sad that the Republican Convention became such a hatefest"

Glenn Supports Kerry on Sudan!
"Just noticed that John Kerry is calling for strong action on Darfur. That's good."

Glenn wants you to keep pushing the down button without actually reading!
"Just keep scrolling."

None of the above involve passing off someone else's views as his own (though one involves ignoring sarcasm). If you're willing to work "via cut-and-paste" with those, you can make this and worse:

"Bush sucks.".

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