Friday, September 10, 2004

Reports and thoughts

-Philosophical blogging will probably increase from hereon, since the number of philosophy classes I'm in has jumped from 0 to 4. There are 2 metaethics classes (Gibbard and Velleman), 1 normative ethics class (Anderson), and 1 phil. of science class (Sklar). They are going well.

-I'm going to talk with Peter Railton about his 1986 paper "Moral Realism" sometime next week. This will be a big event, since Railton is probably my favorite contemporary metaethics guy. He's also, by all accounts, a wonderful person to talk to.

-I've been offered a chance to participate in a really cool volunteer activity for Democrats on election day -- more details forthcoming.

-Whenever I arrive for the first week at a state college, I'm always taken aback by the sight of so many pretty girls in short skirts. I regard them with more wistfulness than lust.

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