Thursday, October 21, 2004

No truer friend

When we on the left talk about weakened alliances, we don't just mean France and Germany. Andrew Sullivan points out that our alliance with Britain is also severely frayed:

there's been less attention paid to how Bush has dealt with the U.S.'s most critical ally, Britain. The answer is: terribly...

Bush's own radioactive personality in Europe means that any British leader who wants to support him must also consider political suicide.

The Tories are now anti-Bush; almost the entire Labour party is anti-Bush; the Liberal Democrats are pathologically anti-Bush. And this is the success story of Bush's diplomacy! Again, the worst thing about this is that it undermines our ability to wage this war in future. When you lose the Brits and half your own country in a vital war, you deserve to be fired as president. I'm sorry, but it's time the pro-war camp began to deal with this.

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