Monday, October 25, 2004

Bush lets terrorists get high explosives

Did Bush care about protecting us from WMD at all? Or about making things go smoothly in Iraq?

If you think he did, you've got to explain why he failed to guard 350 tons of high explosives that the IAEA was keeping close tabs on until we drove their inspectors out of Iraq. These explosives could be used in making a nuclear fission bomb. (They're not the hardest part of the bomb to get, but they're hard enough that the inspectors were making sure Saddam didn't do anything with them.) Now the explosives have all been looted out of the bunker, and it seems that they're being used to blow up American troops and Iraqi policemen.

Fortunately there weren't any genuine nuclear or biological weapons in Iraq, or Bush's invasion would've put them in the hands of terrorists. It's as if Bush's foreign policy is designed to defeat all the lofty goals that you hear about in his speeches. Democracy promotion, weakening al-Qaeda, keeping dangerous weapons out of the wrong hands -- any actions promoted on these grounds will, through incompetence and inattention, achieve the exact opposite.

Want to get this idiot out of office? See if you can bilk his campaign out of the price of a vacation. They're flying volunteers to swing states, at party expense. Maybe you can pose as a Republican and get them to buy a ticket for you. What you do with it is your business. Times of consequence call for a consequentialist's measures.

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