Monday, June 06, 2005

John Thune gets spiteful

Losing that South Dakota Senate race has turned out about as well as we could hope. This is mostly because Tom Daschle got replaced as Senate Democratic leader by the feisty Harry Reid. And now John Thune has decided to go through with his vengeful threat of retaliation against Bush for closing Ellsworth Air Force base after Thune campaigned on his ability to defend it:

Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., says he'll vote against John Bolton, the president's embattled nominee to be United Nations ambassador. Thune does not discourage the notion that he's retaliating for a Pentagon decision to close a major Air Force base in his state. "I'm concerned about our diplomatic posture as a nation, and I'm concerned about our defensive posture," Thune says.

Hooray for you, Mr. Thune! A blessing to your petty and spiteful crusade. May it continue long!

[Update]: Dolphins protect their snouts with sponges.


Wuszwsch said...

If only this infighting would spread to the rest of the cabal. Perhaps there could be a way to encourage it, I just don't know what it is, yet.

Rousseau said...

Goddammit I hate Senate politics and our inability to close bases.

As wonderful as the combination of a dissenting Republican and a closing air force base sound, I bet we'll get neither. The admin will cut a deal, keeping a pork-o-rific airforce base, and getting Bolton through.

Julian Elson said...

I bet that if John Thune were a dolphin, he'd never figure out how to use sponges.