Sunday, June 26, 2005

In praise of Fafblog

The last month or so of blogging has been exciting -- two guestblogging stints at Ezra's place, and sitemeter-spinning links from Brian Leiter (about Porter Goss' secret identity) and Matt Yglesias (about my advice for Riot Girls). But perhaps the coolest thing is that I'm now blogrolled by Fafblog! To commemorate this exciting event, I present five of my favorite Fafblog quotes:

Giblets against John Edwards:
He is a trial lawyer! As a trial lawyer Edwards repeatedly stole money from poor corporations to give to greedy children crippled by their products! Do we really need a vice president who is a lackey of Big Children? Giblets thinks not!

Fafnir on interacting with Republicans in NYC:
Show your Republican that your home an culture are nothin to be afraid of. Take him to the park or to a Yankees game! Remember to bring lots of umbrellas an sunscreen because your Republican is not used to the harsh light of open nature. He has been raised in dark squalid caves filled with toxic poisons where he hunts bats an small elves for sustenance. Do not take your Republican to a museum! He comes from a "Red State" where all art is banned an has been replaced by very large engines eternally pumpin greenhouse gases into the atmosphere for no reason whatsoever.

Fafnir on extraordinary rendition:
maybe the torture jobs we send overseas will help build up the foreign torture markets so overseas torturers can get better salaries an buy more goods an help their economies in developin countries an such. Global torture lifts everybody's boat and we all win the end! Or just turn into monsters.

Fafnir on the election:
“Eleven States voted to Define Marriage tonight,” says Lester Holt, “and they have Defined it as a slow-moving, thick-skulled poison-spitting reptile that hates queers. America has spoken.”

Giblets on pigs and academic advice:
Giblets is proud of his beloved pet pig and has decided to reward it with a delicious treat. A treat like dynamite!

"You really shouldn't feed dynamite to your pig," says Juan Cole, mideast expert and professor of pig studies. "Dynamite has never been a safe feed for pigs and has only resulted in disaster for pigs and the pig community."

Oh what do you know Juan Cole! Your expertise in the fields of pig history and pig theory just means you have swallowed the standard academic dogma regarding the pig-dynamite dynamic! Giblets has reason to believe his pig will receive fantastic dynapig powers, but Cole has been too heavily indoctrinated by pigs and Arabists to see the truth.

"Dynamite is explosive," says Juan Cole. "If you feed it to your pig, your pig will explode."


Anonymous said...

Congrats on hitting the big time and thank you for reminding me just how great fafblog is.

Anonymous said...

Congrats. Fafblog is also the site I'm currently most proud to be linked from, though I have dreams of being on Leiter's blogroll at some point in the future.

Anonymous said...

Hard to pick and choose just five, isn't it?

One of my favourite Fafblog-related moments ever was when I read out Giblets' post on John Kerry's alliance of dark rage and pessimism (his alliance.. with HITLER!) to some friends, and as soon as I finished the line about 'his ass full of rage and pessimism.. the ass.. of HITLER!' two of them started, spontaneously, to sing "Deep In The Ass Of Hitler" to the tune of "Deep In The Heart of Texas".

Good times, Pope. Good times.