Thursday, June 23, 2005

Taft for dog catcher!

From an article about the travails of Bob Taft, now in trouble due to Coingate:

His political service is over to the state," said Charles Burke, a political science professor at Baldwin-Wallace College. "I don't think he could be elected dog catcher in Cincinnati."

I've heard this expression before, and I'm curious -- has "dog catcher" ever been an elected position anywhere? It seems like the kind of position that one gets appointed, or more likely, hired to. What kind of platform would you run on, anyway? Would your opponents attack you for being soft on dogs? Would you get PAC money from companies that sold nets?


Dennis said...

Wikipedia appears to believe that the position of dogcatcher has been elected somewhere at some time. Of course, wikipedia also believes many ridiculous things. So eh.

Rousseau said...

As long as I've been involved in Ohio politics, people have complained about Taft and said he was gonna die a horrible electoral death. When I interned in my Republican Congressman's office in 00, when I interned at my city councilman's office in 01, when I campaigned in 04, and when I talk to my Ohio politic friends. Everyone apparently hates him.

But he doesn't get kicked out. Why? Could be lots of reasons. Do you think he'll lose a Republican primary? To who? Do you think he'll lose a general election? The state Dem party is the most disorganized and worst shape of the country, really.

Neil Sinhababu said...

Yeah, Dennis, that Wikipedia point seems suspect to me.

Tony, you know more about Ohio than I do, and everything I've heard about the Ohio party agrees with what you say. But it's one heck of a scandal we've got now. I have no idea how deep the bench is at the state party, so I don't know who we'll be able to put in as a challenger.

Daryl said...

The analogy seems also to imply that dog catcher is a lowly position that's fairly easy to get elected to, but any real dog catcher election would be pretty rough. First you would have people saying the whole post is immoral. Then you have to side with either using nets or luring the dogs with meats. So the net PAC would be up against the Science Diet / Alpo PAC.