Sunday, July 18, 2004

"Three minutes" video

It's cool how Edwards isn't just playing the attack-dog VP role.  He's also the friendly dog that everybody wants to pet, and they ask John Kerry if they could pet him, and they get to know Kerry that way.    

Will Saletan wrote this during the primaries about how Kerry needs other people to sell his candidacy:

At Edwards' rally, the candidate was introduced for maybe three minutes and spent the rest of the event making the pitch himself. A Kerry rally is nothing like that. It's more like a roast. First Shaheen sang Kerry's praises. Then a former state senator sang Kerry's praises. Then Ted Kennedy sang Kerry's praises. Then Kennedy's son, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., sang Kerry's praises. Then Kerry spoke for a bit and handed the mike to his stepson and wife, who sang Kerry's praises. It's like going to a concert and sitting through a bunch of speeches in which the musician's friends attest, "This guy can sing."  

If that's the way you have to run a Kerry campaign, we have just the guy to do it.


Anonymous said...

Is it a mere coincidence that you share the same political views as Leiter, or are you just brown-nosing?

Neil Sinhababu said...

We really don't share the same political views. I mean, we both like Edwards a lot, but most Americans do so that's no big deal. Brian's views are more influenced by Marx and Chomsky; I'm more of a Matt Yglesias boring liberal.

Anonymous said...

So Leiter is far left, and you're just left?

How quaint:)