Monday, May 16, 2005

Cartoon of the day

Actually, it was on I Drew This a couple weeks ago, but I got it from Occultatio today.



Anonymous said...

It's always (or, at least, for a few years) mildly irritated me that as cool an animal as an elephant has been coopted by a political party I oppose. I mean, we get the frickin' donkey, while they get this big awesome thing with a nose-tentacle and tusks and stuff.

Mary said...

I couldn't agree, more, Julian. After doing a term paper about ivory poaching in high school, I got really interested in elephants. Over the past zillion years or so, I've both purchased and been given lots of elephant stuff. Whenever I wear one of my elephant pins, particularly when I don't think about it around an elction time, someone always assumes I'm a Republican. Makes me crazy. Does anyone know how those symbols were chosen?

Neil Sinhababu said...

Scroll down a little bit and under 'symbols', you'll see the Wikipedia explanation. One other piece of the story I'd heard was that somebody depicted pre-Civil-War Democrat Lewis Cass with the letter C and an ass.

I'm happy with the donkey. It's a friendly, underdoggish, working-class animal.