Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mattombo at the United Center

Tabarrok goes to the hoop: United Airlines shows how risky big pension programs like Social Security are!

(If he was aiming to support any of the Bush plans, he would've missed anyway, since United's pension program invests in the stock market just like a privatized system does.)

Yglesias with the block: Social Security lets you diversify away from the private sector, and diversification into another asset class reduces your total risk.

(Feel free to indulge in a finger-wag.)


Blar said...

Do you mean "Mutombo"?

Neil Sinhababu said...

Matt Yglesias + Dikembe Mutombo = Mattombo
(hence blocked shots and finger-wagging)

Blar said...

Now I see. I'd picked up on the your champion-as-dikembe trope, and at how Matt swatted Tabarrok's weak shot away, I'd just missed the name blend.