Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sunday's song: Black Cab

Some folks I know are into the Friday Random Ten thing. I like how it gives you a view of the musical preferences of your blogosphere acquaintances, but I often find that I don't have enough of a feel for many of the songs or bands they name. Ezra is posting on Sundays about the music he's listening to, though, and I think that's probably a better model for me to follow. So on Sundays I'm going to post about a song or two that I've become particularly excited about. Thanks to the influence of Supriya and other good people, I've musically progressed to the point that I don't feel nervous doing this.

Today's song is "Black Cab", by Jens Lekman. I like how it expresses the feeling of being tired and drunk, but unsatisfied with the progress of the night. You're sleepy enough to go home, but something else -- anything -- needs to happen so the story won't end there.

and I've heard all the stories
'bout the black cabs and the way they drive
but if you take a ride with them
you may not come back alive

they might be psycho killers
but tonight I really don't care
so I say turn up the music
take me home or take me anywhere

The melody is hard to express in blog format, so I won't try. I will, however, post the opening lyrics to Lekman's "You are the light (by which I travel into this and that)":

Yeah I got busted
So I used my one phone call
To dedicate
A song to you on the radio

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