Thursday, August 25, 2005

Yumminess in paradise

Having had a wonderful time in Hawaii, I shall now bore you with vacation pictures.

One of the big thrills for my mom was seeing all the delicious flora that Hawaii had in common with her native India -- mangos, jackfruit, date palms, guavas, and sugarcane. Dad found some sugarcane by the side of the road and ripped out a big stalk for us. I've found sugarcane to have a slightly bubble-gummy flavor among its sweetness, and this piece was no exception:

On the topic of deliciousness, I am here depicted enjoying a rainbow:

If you were reading back at the beginning of July, you'll remember my brother Robin and my sister Supriya, here embroiled in their usual backseat antics:


Lucy Stern said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

Anonymous said...

More gustatory imagery, please!

Pepper said...

That sugarcane is interesting ... it is bad for your teeth, yet you could probably use it to stimulate your gums!

Anonymous said...

You ate a rainbow?! You're so my hero now!

The Werewolf LeaAnn said...

Youre the first person i know of to eat a rainbow!!! Cool!!!