Thursday, August 25, 2005

Yumminess in paradise

Having had a wonderful time in Hawaii, I shall now bore you with vacation pictures.

One of the big thrills for my mom was seeing all the delicious flora that Hawaii had in common with her native India -- mangos, jackfruit, date palms, guavas, and sugarcane. Dad found some sugarcane by the side of the road and ripped out a big stalk for us. I've found sugarcane to have a slightly bubble-gummy flavor among its sweetness, and this piece was no exception:

On the topic of deliciousness, I am here depicted enjoying a rainbow:

If you were reading back at the beginning of July, you'll remember my brother Robin and my sister Supriya, here embroiled in their usual backseat antics:


Lucy Stern said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

Anonymous said...

More gustatory imagery, please!

Anonymous said...

You ate a rainbow?! You're so my hero now!

The Werewolf LeaAnn said...

Youre the first person i know of to eat a rainbow!!! Cool!!!