Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Kung Fu Monkey helps Pakistan

Last month when I gave money for Katrina relief, I sent it though Kung Fu Monkey, who matched my donations and sent them to the Red Cross. This time when I wanted to give for Pakistan earthquake relief, I did the same thing. Given that you can effectively double your donation, it's a good way to help.


Anonymous said...

How can I trust this Kung Fu Monkey guy? I mean, not that I have any reason to be suspicious of him, but is there any verification mechanism? For example, if you give $10, then does his donations-received count go from $565 to $575, then once he ends the drive at $830, does he provide a link to a Red Cross (or whatever) page, which says that a total of $1660 was donated?

Neil Sinhababu said...

Mm. Good point. I didn't think of this because I'd come across his blog in the past and read some really good posts, and I somehow formed the belief that the guy was on the level. Really I don't have the kind of justification I ought to have.

Subjective probability of everything being honest is up in the high-90s still.