Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The virtues of Education

I saw The Education of Shelby Knox tonight. It's an excellent documentary about a girl in West Texas who sets out to replace her school's abstinence-based program with real sex ed. I particularly liked Shelby's Republican father, a good-hearted guy who only thought about his political views when his daughter did things to change them. Shelby herself was on hand to handle questions afterwards, and she seems to be starting a great activist career.

Afterwards, Amanda Marcotte and I went out for drinks and had a great time (does this count as celebrity name-dropping? If so, cool.)

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Justin said...

I was Shelby Knox's TA in the summer of 2004 Contemporary Moral Problems Class. She was an incoming freshman, and the university had set up some system where incoming freshmen could get an early start by taking summer classes.

In one of the assignments for class, students had to interview someone tabout moral issues that came up in their line of work. Shelby interviewed the documentary filmmakers who were following her around -- to what extent they were exploiting her or whatnot. This was how I came to know about the documentary being made about her.

I saw the film this past summer on PBS in Nebraska. I also saw her appearance on Al Franken's show (which appeared on the Sundance Channel). It was fun and a little surreal to see this film and national attention for a past student.