Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Links to Things

So here's my first piece of MP3 blogging ever. I point you to Las Cruces Jail from Two Gallants, which my sister sent to me. Awesome stuff. Go! Hear it!

Ezra's invited us to help out on the blog this week, so here's the Ezra version of my post attacking the Star Wars anti-missile program. 


Anonymous said...


Is this a response to the next round of tests for the Boeing Airborne Laser Missile Defense System? Because this system has worked differently from the land based missile interceptors.

Neil Sinhababu said...

No, I don't deal with that. But the stuff I saw on Arms Control Wonk about the Boeing Laser Jet wasn't very positive.

Anonymous said...

Two Gallants was interesting. Something about his voice is really compelling.

I'll admit, though, that the only reason I listened to it is because my dad lives in Las Cruces.

Anonymous said...

"we could buy up loose nuclear material from poorly guarded facilities in the former USSR. We could provide jobs in America for unemployed Soviet nuclear scientists"

We've been doing that since Nunn-Lugar in the early 1990s.

So, is your main argument against missile defense that it doesn't work well currently?