Friday, September 08, 2006

James River blues

So I thought I'd come on out and post the lyrics to the other Old Crow Medicine Show song that I've been going nuts over. None of the online lyrics sites seem to have the lyrics right, so I suppose this is some sort of service to the community. The song is relatively fiddle-rich, which I greatly enjoy.

James River blues
I just heard the awful news
I could steer around the rocks
But they're bustin' down the docks

James River blues
that train came on through
and the work's gotten slow
now where's a boatman to go?

I think I'll float on down
to Richmond town

They don't need us anymore
haulin' freight from shore to shore
that big iron hauls much more
than we ever could before

I seen good men going wrong
I've seen bad ones get it right
As that river rolls along
I'll be steppin' out tonight
on the cool flow
floatin' down, down below
the bridge to the water's edge
from the ridge to the ledge
from the hills to the sea
I'll become a memory

James River blues
James River blues
James River blues

The album, I should say, isn't perfect. There's a couple songs on there -- mostly the low-key, boringly bluesy numbers like "God's Got It" and "Down Home Girl" that don't really do much for me. But there's also a whole bunch of stuff on there that I've listened to over and over again in the last couple weeks. Listen to "New Virginia Creeper" and tell me if you can stop bouncing around to the sheer infectious silliness of the song. Or hear "My Good Gal" and tell me if your jaw doesn't drop early in the fourth minute.

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