Friday, November 17, 2006

The Chart

Here's an updated chart on how the candidates from my ActBlue page did in the election. Democratic leads are in blue, Republican leads are in red. For a full analysis, go here.

Democrat GOP Win?Office $ We Gave % Margin Vote Margin
Jim Webb George Allen Yes! Senate, VA $645 50-49 7,261
Victoria Wulsin Jean Schmidt unlikely House, OH-2 $1,865 51-49 2,856
Darcy Burner David Reichert No
House, WA-8 $1,320 51-49 2,736
Gary Trauner Barbara Cubin No House, WY $835 48-48 970
Larry Grant Bill Sali No House, ID-1 $715 50-45 11,982
Larry Kissell Robin Hayes recount House, NC-8 $535 50-50 465
Jennifer Brunner Greg Hartmann Yes! OH SecState $155 55-41 ~500K
Ross Miller Danny Tarkanian Yes! NV SecState $130 49-41 ~47K
Mark Ritchie Mary Kiffmeyer Yes! MN SecState $130 49-45 ~100K


Noumenon said...

Thanks for the followup, I gave money based on your say-so and then never even was able to find out how these people did.

Neil Sinhababu said...

Thanks, Noumenon!