Sunday, April 20, 2008

On dearths of posts

One thing that had reduced my posting frequency over the past year+ was that some faculty suggested that I not blog too much while I was on the job market. Insofar as this was because they didn't want anyone on a hiring committee to google my name and see something disagreeable or think I was distracted by other issues, I followed their advice, and I kept the content of this blog mostly philosophical, since it's the first google hit for my name. (The Garance post below was an exception, but that was a special situation.) Insofar as they were trying to make sure I didn't waste too much time blogging, I kind of didn't follow their advice and kept up my usual pace at Ezra's place, and then at Cogitamus.

I can't promise a return to the past frequency of posting, but now that I've accepted a job, I imagine that there'll be more action around here in the next couple months. I'll start crossposting my Cogitamus stuff, for one thing. And when I go to the other side of the world and finally get a high-quality camera phone, who knows what kind of exciting pictures and stuff might show up.

Update: You know, I really shouldn't be allowed to finish this post without mentioning that more dancing-related wackiness will be featured in this space as well. Like that of last night, when I was out at Beauty Bar and my dancing secured the attention of a mid-sized bachelorette party for an extended period of time.

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BTW, my little sister Supriya Sinhababu wrote a thing that is in the New York Times!