Saturday, May 09, 2009

Moral Naturalism World Tour

Today I arrived in San Francisco. I'm going to be hanging out with Mom and Dad for a view days before starting what I called the "Moral Naturalism Project" in the big grant application that's paying for all my travel. So far I have two papers written -- "The Epistemic Argument for Universal Hedonism" (EA) and "How Double-Humeans Can Make Room for Error" (DH). Here's the places I'm going and the talks I'm giving, as far as I've planned:

May 9 - Fly from Singapore to San Francisco
May 12 - Fly from San Francisco to LA for USC talk on 12th (DH)
May 13 - Fly from LA to Tucson for University of Arizona talk on 13th (EA)
May 14 - Fly from Tuscon to Miami for University of Miami talk on 15th (DH)
May 17 - Fly from Miami to Knoxville for University of Tennessee talk on the 18th (EA)
May 19 - Fly from Knoxville to Austin
June 1 - Fly from Austin to Chicago to see my super-smart sister Supriya Sinhababu. Illinois State talk on the 4th (EA) and Illinois talk on the 5th. (DH)
[Now things get a little hazy. I have some free time between talks and I'll probably go somewhere on the Eastern seaboard for a few days but I don't know where.]
June 9 - Fly to London for King's College London talk on June 10. Chill at Oxford for a while, maybe Edinburgh. Return on June 19 or so.
[More haziness. Hopefully somehow involving girls.]
June 20something - Fly to Grand Rapids for Calvin College talk and subsequent Michigan talk.
Early July - Visit DC
Rest of July - Hang out with family in SF, or wherever they might be at the time.
Late July / Early August - Fly to Seattle for Puget Sound talk
August 5 - Fly from San Francisco back to Singapore


Aidan said...

I'm going to miss you in Austin, but let me know if you do make it to Edinburgh.

Josh May said...

Looks like an awesome tour! I wish you were stopping off at UC Santa Barbara too! USC's not too far from here, but it would be hard to make a 4pm talk with all the traffic and whatnot. Will someone be recording and posting a video of any of these talks? That would be nice.

Neil Sinhababu said...

I don't think any videos or such are being posted, but when I get the papers into reasonable shape I'll post them. Of course, that won't contain the excitement of Q&A, which is the best part.

I'd love to come by UCSB sometime! I'm going to be doing this kind of thing next summer as well, I think, so maybe we can set something up.

Clayton Littlejohn said...


Have fun on the tour! I might be in Austin hunting for apartments so if you end up giving a talk, let me know,


Josh May said...

Sounds good. Any time you'd like to come to UCSB, let me know so we can set something up!

David Watkins said...

Where and when is your Seattle-area talk going to be?

I'll try and make it or if not, buy you a beer while you're in town.

Neil Sinhababu said...

The Seattle talk will be at the University of Puget Sound. I'll be staying in the area for a few days, my hosts at UPS live in Tacoma and co-blogger Nick lives in Seattle.

Neil Sinhababu said...

That should definitely allow for some hanging out.