Wednesday, May 05, 2010

No open question argument here

From political reporter Glenn Thrush:
Generally, hiring one’s relative is illegal. Among the 27 relative designations listed in the federal law regarding nepotism and hiring, however, "grandson" is not mentioned.

So Moore, who makes a six-figure salary working for his grandmother, is just fine, ethics-wise, according to an ethics lawyer contacted by POLITICO.
Legal text from the House of Representatives ethics manual follows.

I guess people in politics needed a term for obeying laws that prohibit certain self-serving abuses of power, and "ethics" was closest to hand. But I hope that they're still aware that one can obey these laws and still do grossly unethical things, in the sense of what's really right and wrong.


Gabriele Contessa said...

That's particularly ironic considering 'nepos' means 'grandson' ;-)

Neil Sinhababu said...

Ha! I didn't know.

(While I'm commenting, I should say that I'm not convinced that this is an unethical practice in the real sense. Plenty of people employ their relatives in family businesses, and I'm not sure this is different.)