Monday, March 19, 2012

You'd get a different answer if you went to Church

Can dialetheism help with puzzles involving the Trinity and transubstantiation? If the Pope says "This sentence is false" ex cathedra, what should committed Catholics think of its truth-value? These are questions I'd like to ask a Priest.


Brock said...

Did you see the interview with Graham Priest in 3:AM Magazine?

Anonymous said...

I think the Catholic position is that the Pope could not say "This sentence is false" infallibly (which I assume is what you mean by ex cathedra, otherwise any bishop would suffice, you wouldn't need the Bishop of Rome).

That's for two reasons. First, infallibility is restricted to certain types of theological statement, so "This sentence is false" is not well-formed as a potentially infallible pronunciation. Secondly, God is supposed to intervene to ensure that well-formed potentially-infallible statements of the Pope are true, so even if it were well-formed, She would stop the Pope saying it.