Monday, July 16, 2012

It's harder to come up with a good canola joke

Traveling through the Czech Republic for a conference two months ago, I saw many fields full of yellow flowers. I asked if it was mustard, and the organizer told me it was rape -- the plant from which one makes rapeseed oil. (Canola oil is a more happily-named variety.) He recounted a conversation with some Americans years ago when he spoke worse English. They were discussing social problems like rape and he brightly said, "Yes, rape! It is all over my country!"

I guess that's a "rape" joke rather than a rape joke, but anyway, Daniel Tosh was doing it wrong.

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Nick Z said...

Canola is an acronym. CANadian Oil Low Acid. Weird, right? Not sure if anyone in Europe calls it czechola oil, but probably not.