Thursday, October 24, 2013

TEDxNTU talk on moral luck

I gave a TED talk on moral luck Saturday at Nanyang Technological University. Probably the most fun example was about some hypothetical German cannibals a century ago, one of whom killed and ate some ordinary people, and one of whom killed and ate Hitler. They both had the same bad intentions, but on a straightforward consequentialist view (plus a few assumptions about history) the Hitler-eater kind of saves the 20th century. 


Matt said...

You need a belt for the outfit! I know you studied w/ Josh Dever, who never wore a belt, but really, pants like that w/ the shirt tucked in and no belt = a very bad look

Neil Sinhababu said...

Actually, I was planning to go up there with the shirt untucked -- that's how I usually wear that shirt, because it's not too long and doesn't come down too far. But then they attached some equipment to my pants and I couldn't really wear the shirt over that.

I hadn't noticed that this was a Josh Dever style, but I really like that.