Thursday, August 19, 2004

Brian ranks things

On a post congratulating Jessica Berry and Matt Evans, two recent Texas Ph.Ds whom I had the pleasure of knowing, Brian Leiter says:
It is one of the two or three best things about my job to have the chance to work with such exceptionally talented young philosophers and scholars.
The sentence struck me as a little odd when I first read it -- most people would say "It is one of the best things" and leave the "two or three" out. Now I have this suspicion that Brian has taken the time to rank the top 25 things about his job, and "Working with talented young scholars" tied with something else for the #2 slot. This is what one expects from the author of the PGR!

PS - Does anybody know what Jessica and Matt are to be congratulated for?


Neil Sinhababu said...

I just emailed Brian and he said that the congratulations were for their starting their new jobs.

Brandon said...

That was gonna be my guess!!

Anonymous said...

What is PGR?

Anonymous said...

Oh doh, philosophy gourmet report. :)