Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Movie recommendation

I strongly recommend "A Very Long Engagement" to anyone who is willing to smuggle a bottle of whiskey into the theater and pour about 5 shots into their soda. The movie is pretty long and the heroine is determined to the point of obsession, but if you're drunk like me and Howard, you'll be totally behind her. The more sober members of our party didn't have as quite as good a time. Since it's a French movie, some of the sex scenes were emotionally tangled enough that you'd need alcohol to enjoy them properly. There is also one scene of battlefield action-movie triumph and one awesome hooker assassin character, but for the most part the action is brutal WWI trench warfare stuff. Jodie Foster also appears, has emotionally complicated sex, and speaks French.


Brandon said...

I thought the movie was great, too, and I wasn't even drunk! Take-home message: trench warfare REALLY SUCKS.

Neil Sinhababu said...

Yeah. The opening scene, with all those soldiers standing in the nasty muddy trench during a driving rain, made that point really well. And that's even before people started going over the top and getting cut down by machine gun fire.