Tuesday, January 25, 2005

My strange attitudes

I find this Onion article quite depressing. Are there really people for whom getting laid is so simple? Yeah, I know it's fiction, but I don't think the joke is simply that people are having that much sex.

I greatly enjoy these Michelle Malkin pieces. Her impotent rage at wanton sexuality is delightful. From the first one:
This naked truth cannot be disguised: The era of radical feminist sexual liberation has produced a generation of shameless skanks.
from the second:
But give The Washington Post two vain, young, trash-mouthed skanks who couldn't care less about what their parents think of their sex-drenched infamy, and the newspaper can't wait to help make them full-fledged members of the media elite.
Part of the latter quote is on Wonkette's front page. I imagine that she's as amused by Malkin as I am.


Anonymous said...

That's no way to talk about Jenna and Barbara.

Blue said...

Exactly what I thought anonymous, when I first read the quote.

Honestly though, the most amusing comment was "I don't usually lower myself into inside the beltway gossip." I'm really not sure there is any other point to her column.

As for the onion article, sex is in fact rather easy to get if you work as a waiter. Largely co-ed environment self-selected based on: attractiveness, manners, and low-income. Throw in stressful conditions, much physical proximity and activity, large quantities of free/cheap alcohol, a sense of bonding, and of course youthful lack of inhibition. My favorite job-blog, waiterrant.blogspot.com describes it as "if you can't get laid working in a restaurant, you are in serious trouble".

I think in that respect the onion article was accurate (and moreso, was just lobbing irony and insults at people who have easy sex too much). Go rent "Mystic Pizza" with Julia Roberts.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Julia Roberts and I aren't speaking since she didn't invite me to the premiere of Ocean's Twelve. But if you run into her at the video store, let me know how she's doing, all right?


Mary said...

Hmmm. My son's looking for a job. Maybe I can get him to reconsider his objections to working in the food service industry (or maybe I won't.)

Blue said...

It is my strong feeling that everyone should work for a while in food service. Not the 3-week mcjob of fast food, but as a waiter or busser or something at a sit down restaurant.

It's something that is an acceptable teenage job for any class, lower to upper, gives you a good idea of what stressful working is like without actually being costly to your body or mental health, and gives you a healthy respect for the rest of your life for people who work in food service (basically you end up always tipping 20% afterwards). Mmmmm class mixing.

Mary said...

Do I sense some assumptions here, or am I just overpersonalizing? The young man in question did do a brief stint as a busser as a teenager, hence his objections...not because of any class element, but did not feel any particular competence at/enjoyment of it. (And if you met us, and you were making an assumption, you would realize how funny that is.)He is also no longer a teenager, but more or less a college student taking a break. I agree with you that those who have done such work do understand how to tip properly.
Also, the original post got me to thinking about when I was teaching adult ed. in the evenings, and some of the younger folks who had worked shared some particularly disturbing information with me about the "Chuckie room" at Chuck E. Cheese. Celebrating a little kid's birthday party there just wasn't the same after that.