Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hackett! on Health Care!

Just one piece of Ezra action this week, and it's on a promising interview with Paul Hackett, in which he stands up for fixing health care.

Ezra and the other reservoir bloggers are talking about Bush's illegal wiretapping. Why didn't he follow FISA and get a retroactive warrant? What the hell was going on?


Anonymous said...

Great Ezra post despite the dissertation deadline! Good luck! (Dr. Pepper is a dissertator, so I can sympathize with the stress.)

Also, if you're interested in Hackett, one of my coworkers has a great Californians for Hackett site, and the Cleveland Plain Dealer interviewed him. If you have any Hackett questions, this site is a big help.

Blue said...

I love your post on FISA thing Neil, cuz it's short. I know how inordinately evil this was of the current administration, and I wish it got front page play every day and Bush would get impeached for it and blah blah...

But I'm sorry, in terms of analysis, there doesn't seem anything interesting to say. The various posts I'm seeing on the liberal blogsphere are the most shrillest, most repetitive, most depressing I've seen in a while. Bush broke the spirit of the law, no one actually cares about the letter of the law, this isn't going to change the Republican ruling coalition, and this is like the hundredth time something along those lines has happened.