Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tripartite division of the Neil

This weekend I have three blogs. There's this one, there's Ezra's blog, and there's Philosophy, etc. where I'm doing some dissertation-related guestblogging while Richard Chappell is off at a conference. Here's my first (huge) post: Is "desire" a natural kind term?

What desire is lays out my analysis of desire. Sinhababu scholars will be interested to learn that I've dropped the direction-of-attention component, and I now regard that as merely a contingent feature.

This post will be updated until Thursday, when the good Mr. Chappell finishes conferencing.


Blue said...

Well one could argue you only have two blogs, as this one doesn't count.

Your comment about O'Reilly is all the funnier because of how obsessive he is about sayin Judeo-Christian whenever he's talking about putting religious traditions ahead of secularism.

Blue said...

Oh also, Neil, you're at UT. You appreciate the utilitarianism of pron. You are an open atheist. I think you have a certain news event you have to admit involvement in.