Saturday, February 11, 2006

Music last night

Amanda and I went to Beerland last night to see a benefit show for KOOP radio. Apparently the radio station had burned down because somebody was smoking, and they're trying to rebuild it.

The first band, the Nervous Exits, were not very impressive. I especially didn't like the singer, whose signature vocal effect was a scratchy "aaaaa" sound that anybody can make. Most people don't make this sound often, though, because it is annoying. [Update: that's "aaaaa" as in "caaaaat", not "aaaaa" as in "faaaaather"]

Then the Ugly Beats came on, and they were really good. Lots of people were dancing, and there were also go-go dancers up on stage. Somehow one of the guitarists got into the crowd without my noticing, and it was a neat surprise to suddenly have him push forward from behind me, playing his guitar, on his way back up to the stage. Another time, two of them came down from the stage, and I started doing the lotus-position knee-walk in the space that opened up behind them. At the end of the show, one of the guys was grinning at me and tapping his head in a gesture I didn't really understand. But he looked like he liked it, and I yelled that his band was awesome.


Amanda Marcotte said...

They do indeed fucking rock.

Aidan said...

Not *anyone* can make that scratchy "aaaaa" sound. Think of poor Stephen Hawking. Is this the kind of world you want to live in Neil?

Is it?

Anyways, hope you got my text about lunch tomorrow. I would have phoned as requested, but I was in a plane in El Paso, and my hearing had gone funny. 316 at noon, just in case you didn't get it.

Neil Sinhababu said...

Thanks, Aidan! Got your message, and I'll be there.

Neil Sinhababu said...

Let me also say that "anybody" is a generic in the sentence I use. I think Nick Asher has some kind of semantics for generics that makes my claim come out true.