Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nancy Grace and the animals

Via Bunny McIntosh, this is wonderful.

Elizabeth, wherever you are, you're awesome. BTW, why did the station have the clips of the animals anyway?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm ... okay, it's funny ... but of course, Elizabeth is trying to smack down Grace for being insubordinate, because Grace thinks that Paris Hilton shouldn't be news. Or at least that in discussing her release from Prison, they shouldn't run the burger ad.

I hate to say it, but I agree with Nancy Grace on this one.

Neil Sinhababu said...

I agree that the burger ad wasn't the optimal choice of a clip to show, but it's important to remember that the 'obsessed with celebrity' points were the ones on which Elizabeth pulled the trigger. And it's those points that showed the dumb and ridiculously simplistic level on which Nancy Grace operates.

Anonymous said...


The vertical displacement to which one may appropriately stoop to humiliate another person varies inversely with the extent of that person's evil. Most people should not be humiliated at all. Paris Hilton may be humiliated if its not too dirty and totally low-down. Nancy Grace should be humiliated by any means necessary.

Ask yourself, is that agreement with Nancy Grace I am experiencing, or just gas? If it's agreement with Nancy Grace you are experiencing, note that you can often find a way to disagree that you hadn't thought of if you think about it long and hard enough.

Nancy Grace is a unique case, morally and epistemologically, is what I am saying. The normal rules don't apply.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Grace pulled off the air, again.
They pulled Nancy Grace off the air again for the taping of her Friday show as they again replaced Nancy with a better host after the story of NIFONG was sentenced to jail today. Which, proved Nancy was wrong on all of her incorrect assertions and allegations made by Nancy on yet another story. Mann, Nancy just cannot seem to stop screwing herself up. Just proves, again, that Nancy just cannot keep her feet out of her own mouth. Sounds like jail might be the best place for Nancy too, for all the crimes of defamation, slander, and her connection to the death of Duckett that Nancy has pending lawsuits against her in both state and federal courts right now. It may just prove to be the right time now to get her off the streets in order to finally take a stance to protect victims from known predators like Predator Nancy Grace.