Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Poem meets author

I'd always loved the following philosophical poem, which I read online many years ago:

I gave my love an emerose
Upon a summer day,
While all around us in the grove
The gavagai did play.

"I've never seen a hue so green,"
My love did say to me.
"My dear," I said, "it's shmolored gred,
Just green until time t."

Emeroses are emeralds until time t and roses afterwards. They're useful in setting up versions of Nelson Goodman's new problem of induction.

As I've just discovered, the poem was written by Brock from Battlepanda, back in his grad school days!


Brock said...

I think that the word "emerose" was coined by Joseph Ullian, in a paper on the new problem of induction.

I've also found that David Chalmers has the poem on his site, without attribution. I'll have to email him about that.

Flinger said...

Are are we left to our own googling?

Katherine said...

And yet, it is still romantic.