Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mmmm... Veepsteaks!

I'm currently in the happy and exciting position of guestblogging for Kevin Drum at the Washington Monthly! He gets over 30,000 readers a day, so it's an awesome gig.

I decided to start off by doing some Veepstakesblogging, since your average political junkie likes talking about that. So I produced a post discussing some general considerations for who would make a good VP, and then a post discussing specific candidates. The arguments for John Edwards in the second post seem to be impressing lots of people.

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Caught your VP briefs over at Kevin Drum's house. If you think anyone might be interested, I've been engaged in a week long series on this same subject. We've been digging into the numbers and have found some surprising results with some of the favorites. We'll be looking at John Edwards in depth on Monday. I'm like you, I think he'd add a lot to the ticket, though I do have some concerns.

Anyway, you can check out what we've got so far here: