Saturday, May 03, 2008

UT Methodology Workshop

I'll be reporting for duty at NUS on July 1, so I'll have to miss this (as well as Netroots Nation). But you don't have to!
The UT-Austin philosophy department is pleased to announce a week-long graduate student workshop on philosophical methodology, August 12 – August 16.

Possible workshop subtopics include (but are not limited to) intuition, conceptual analysis, reflective equilibrium, reduction, and ontological commitment.

Already confirmed speakers include Julia Driver (Dartmouth), Marc Moffett (Wyoming), Roy Sorensen (Dartmouth), Ernest Sosa (Rutgers), and a number of UT faculty.

We hope to accept around 10 outside graduate student participants. If you are interested in applying, please see our website for details:
I've interacted with Julia Driver a few times, and she's awesome. Also, what this announcement don't tell you is that UT's Josh Dever is also going to be participating. I often tell incoming graduate students in our program that the secret to becoming a good philosopher at UT is to talk with Josh Dever as often as possible. Despite the fact that he works entirely outside my area, I've learned a gigantic amount of stuff from him.

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Matt said...

Let me second the kind words on Josh Dever. He's terribly smart and extremely helpful. Josh supervised my MA thesis before he went to UT and even though I'm sure he thought a lot of it was clearly wrong he was very supportive and provided absolutely first-rate feedback. People should talk to Josh!