Friday, December 05, 2008

Students write things

It's exam grading time! My favorite sentences from this batch included the Mount Everest theory of laws, which isn't much better when you take out the typo:
Law of nature is something that guides how the world or things will be in their upmost natural state.
This student had a talent for accurately translating the philosophers' views (Hume in this case) into ungrammatical mess:
Great evil or noble man (extraordinary) are but "freaks" which is similar to extraordinary weather phenomenas observed also in nature which is governed by laws.
I liked the question this student had for Kant:
Are all rational beings autonomous? Then, what about human beings who have been brought up with animals and have never interacted with humans -- do they then have this intrinsic quality of autonomy?


Anonymous said...

I took your course and I'm very glad to note that I'm not the author of any of the aforementioned quotes. I did really badly for the final paper though; I wrote irrelevant things for one of my essays, and I only realised my mistake when I re-read the question after completing my essay. Oh well. What's done is done. Happy marking, and I hope we continue to amuse you. :)

I shall return to lurking in the dark shawdows of the Internet.

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