Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This blog doesn't look right!

That's because Blogger tricked me into updating the way it's designed. This may be for the best, though I'll have to more work to take it there. I'll be putting links back in pretty soon, probably after I get back from drinking with former Cogitamus blogmate Sir Charles.


Unknown said...


It was a pleasure seeing you -- hope your failure to post here since is not due to the trauma of drinking with me.

Happy New Year and safe travels back to Singapore.

- Sir Charles

Hope said...

Huh, it does look a little funny. Oh well. I hope you are having a good trip back to the States, and that your journey back to Singapore is uneventful.

I've tagged you for a blog meme, since you are one of the few of my friends who actually have a blog. If you want to participate, check out my latest post:

Neil Sinhababu said...

I'll get to it, Hope! As soon as I've got this blog in a respectable condition again...