Sunday, February 13, 2005


Congratulations to Howard Dean! It looks like things here are working out for the best. Much of the party base loves him, and they'll fight harder under his command. If he prepares well and takes care not to say anything dumb, he can be a powerful speaker. There are some good things to say about Terry McAuliffe, as far as fundraising and getting modern voter lists going are concerned, but huge amounts of work remain to be done in terms of rebuilding the party organization. If Dean picks up NDN's Simon Rosenberg to help with that, we'll be in perfect shape.

"I think you will see his bluntness, his directness, his energy and intellectual honesty," said Scott Maddox, the Florida chairman. "I'm a pickup truck-driving, gun-owning Southern chairman, with a bulldog named Lockjaw, and I'm perfectly comfortable with Howard Dean as chairman of the national Democratic Party."

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