Sunday, February 13, 2005

Libertarian Girl, we hardly knew ye

I will admit to having occasionally visited Libertarian Girl's blog, less for the Libertarian than for the Girl. To see the picture that originally adorned the blog, click here. Pretty cute, huh? In the faraway possible world where I know her and she's single and I don't have my squirrelish timidity, I'm hitting on her.

As you've seen if you've clicked the above link, the folks at Catallarchy discovered that the same picture was on a website for Russian mail-order brides. After a brief period of hopeful theorizing -- maybe she's a mail-order bride with strong libertarian leanings or half of a separated-at-birth identical twin pair? -- the picture at the top of Libertarian Girl's blog has, um, changed. I felt vaguely icky about this upon finding out, but that has worn off and now I'm just amused. In retrospect, the hot pink background of Libertarian Girl's blog was a little over the top. It's also interesting that most female bloggers I know don't have prominently displayed pictures of themselves. (Lindsay, don't change anything!)

I'm curious now about how much the author was writing as himself, and how much he was roleplaying. Thanks to dadahead for the pointer.


Anonymous said...

I also think I'd visit Ezra Klein's new blog more if his cleavage were more feminine.

Neil Sinhababu said...

Yeah, if the Libertarian Girl effect works with genders reversed, he should soon have a bunch of adoring female fans. I wouldn't count on it though.