Monday, February 21, 2005

LeBron quits, Cavs move to Uzbekistan

The title's just a metaphor. I'm talking about the action at The Conservative Philosopher, where Keith Burgess-Jackson has alienated Max Goss off of the blogroll and shut down trackbacks and comments.

While I disagree with Max a lot, his piece on Conservatism and Rootedness was one of the most interesting things on the blog. While I don't think Max can get a good argument for conservatism out of that analysis, it was probably the most interesting thing I saw there. Some other TCP posts either fell into triviality, as Brandon will show you, or supported the deaths of way too many innocent people, as Max will tell you, or were easy prey for a werewolf, as dadahead will describe. (Okay, that last one is a bit self-indulgent.)

I'm certainly going to read TCP less now that it's lost its interactive character. (I was already disappointed when Keith never rose to defend his early piece from werewolf predation.) Most likely, Keith is content never to hear my howls again. But -- if you'll permit a return to the original metaphor -- there are problems with moving your basketball team to Uzbekistan so nobody will play you. While nobody's going to beat you, you aren't going to win anything either.

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