Sunday, April 17, 2005

Buying a House

As I looked over the wonderful Tom DeLay's House of Scandal graphic, it hit me: Democrats are dealing with DeLay in exactly the wrong way. Sure, there'll be lots of benefits for Democrats in his fall, especially if he takes many GOP Congressmen with him. But if we're interested in regaining control of the House, there's a much better way to do it.

What worked for Enron, Westar Energy, pharmaceutical companies, and shadowy Russian security companies can work for us! We just need to give millions of dollars to DeLay (or perhaps to his wife and daughter, who raked in about half a million in PAC money since 2001), and soon we'll have a pro-choice, pro-gay, budget-balancing Republican Party that will repeal the bankruptcy bill and raise the minimum wage! Some finance rules might have to be bent in order to shovel all this money to him, but that's never stopped Tom DeLay before.

If somebody wants to start a 527 that'll get all this money together, I'll be happy to contribute. When you're out in the cold, it's time to buy a House.

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