Saturday, April 23, 2005

So well my paper went

I just delivered Possible Girls at the conference. It went beautifully. There was amused laughter throughout, and with the exception of a minor point on the "immorality of modal realism" coming from Ted Sider, I was able to give (at least) plausible defenses of everything I say in the paper. George Bealer, who I hadn't known very well before, came up to me afterwards with big praise, which made me really happy.

Now I'm off to the post-conference party. Can't dress up as the recently tenured Josh Dever like I'd hoped to, but said imitation is in my future and Josh's.

Update:And now I see that I'm blogrolled by Ezra Klein! This day is going so well!


Blue said...

Send us the paper!

I'd say you know I feel your pain, except well I'm just glad you don't feel it. Amused, do you really believe in this source of happiness?

Ezra said...

Yeah -- I read regularly and had just forgotten to do it beforehand. But glad I picked such an auspicious day to add you...